Hongjun He

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Establishment and maintenance of persistent, latent infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis are dependent on expression of the mprA-mprB regulatory system. Previously, MprA and MprB were shown to participate in phosphotransfer reactions characteristic of two-component signaling systems. To begin identifying downstream effector genes regulated by mprA-mprB(More)
  • Mark J. White, John P. Savaryn, Daniel J. Bretl, Hongjun He, Renee M. Penoske, Scott S. Terhune +1 other
  • 2011
Mycobacterium tuberculosis remains a significant global health concern largely due to its ability to persist for extended periods within the granuloma of the host. While residing within the granuloma, the tubercle bacilli are likely to be exposed to stress that can result in formation of aberrant proteins with altered structures. Bacteria encode stress(More)
Elevated serum urate, which is regulated at multiple levels including genetic variants, is a risk factor for gout and other metabolic diseases. This study aimed to investigate the association between UCP2 variants and serum urate as well as hyperuricemia in a Chinese population. In total, 4332 individuals were genotyped for two common UCP2 variants, -866G/A(More)
Gout is a common inflammation disease resulting from an increase in serum uric acid. Nearly 70% of uric acid is excreted via the kidneys. To date, evidence for an association between genetic loci and gout is absent, equivocal or not replicated. Our study aims to test variants in two genes abundantly expressed in the kidney, LRP2 and COMT, for their(More)