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To protect hard disk data confidentiality and integrity, AEIVV associates one unique IV with each disk sector; then, it applies authenticated encryption of AES-CCM to the protected sector and constructs hash tree upon IV storage. Through assuring IV to be trusted or un-tampered, data can be protected firmly. To make it an available way for disk protection,(More)
Gout is a common inflammation disease resulting from an increase in serum uric acid. Nearly 70% of uric acid is excreted via the kidneys. To date, evidence for an association between genetic loci and gout is absent, equivocal or not replicated. Our study aims to test variants in two genes abundantly expressed in the kidney, LRP2 and COMT, for their(More)
A combinatorial design, physical adsorption of water-soluble chitosan (WSC) to particle surface and covalent conjugation of wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) to WSC, was applied to surface modification of poly(lactic acid) nanoparticles (NPs) for targeted delivery of β-galactosidase to the intestinal mucosa. All the surface-engineered NPs in the size range of(More)
Hardware/software partitioning is a crucial problem in hardware/software co-design. In this paper, we deeply investigate genetic algorithm (GA) for hardware/software partitioning, our co-design targets a heterogeneous multicore system on chip (SoC) which consists of several different types of processing engines(PE), Communicating structure adopts NOC, We(More)
Clock domain crossing (CDC) is an important issue in integrated circuit (IC) design and verification. In this paper, We present the design of 5 types of CDC schemes in our developed SOC chip with multi working mode and ten clock domain, deeply describe an approach using assertion-based verification (ABV) to verify proper functionality for CDC signals. Taped(More)
Data encryption is the most important way to provide security in hostile environment. Nearly all of the existing data encryption techniques require a lot of arithmetic and logical computations, which makes their deployment in embedded devices very difficult. To realize firm data encryption without much computation, a novel scheme of physically-embedded data(More)
To build secure SMP system with resistance against physical attacks, the essential requirements is to make data encryption and data authentication for both the shared bus and the shared memory. Analysis of such problem educes that it must combine the counter mode encryption with the hash tree based authentication, and such combination must inosculate with(More)
Storage systems are more distributed and more subject to attacks. One basic security requirement is to authenticate the stored data. This paper describes SDI-MAC, a static, dynamic and incremental MAC combined approach to guarantee end-to-end data integrity to clients in distributed data storage environment. SDI-MAC associates two different integrity codes(More)