Hongjun Dai

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Wireless sensor networks are hard to be stable and vulnerable to various attacks, so it's a need to find the mechanisms to evaluate trustworthiness with trusted computing theories. In this paper, a novel entropy-based trust modeling and evaluation methods for WSNs are carried out to give the stability and security descriptions. With the experiments, it is(More)
—As a kind of typical embedded system, MANET is a multi-hop self-configuring network with the topology changes dynamically. To model of the security, mobility, and dynamic changes of MANET, trust is used as a novel concept recently. In this paper, based on the classic fuzzy theory, the trust evaluation and the dynamic routing protocols for MANET are(More)
The process of urban-rural integration has led to severe ecological environmental pollution in rural areas of China, particularly in the economically-developed areas. This is an urgent issue to be solved. We select Jiangsu Province as a case study. From the perspective of the population, economic scale, energy consumption and financial support, we perform(More)
To schedule real-time threads on the multi-core processors, a fuzzy algorithm is presented for parallelizability evaluation and load balance, which can be used into the operating system scheduling or the hardware controller design. It is based on the fuzzy inference system (FIS) to derive answers from a knowledge base with a fuzzy inference engine and the(More)
This paper expanded the Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index (LMDI) model through the introduction of urbanization, residents' consumption, and other factors, and decomposed carbon emission changes in China into carbon emission factor effect, energy intensity effect, consumption inhibitory factor effect, urbanization effect, residents' consumption effect, and(More)
In the Software College of Shandong University, embedded system education is one of the characteristic subjects, so "practical training" is the brand new characters as the most important process in the embedded system education. Practical training is an on-campus process to gain the practical experiences which are suitable for the real IT companies,(More)
—WSN is a distributed network exposed to an open environment, which is vulnerable to malicious nodes. To find out malicious nodes among a WSN with mass sensor nodes, this paper presents a malicious detection method based on maximum entropy model. Given the types of a few sensor nodes, it extracts sensor nodes' preferences related with the known types of(More)