Hongjuan Zhang

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Based on the studies of existing local-connected neural network models, in this brief, we present a new spiking cortical neural networks model and find that time matrix of the model can be recognized as a human subjective sense of stimulus intensity. The series of output pulse images of a proposed model represents the segment, edge, and texture features of(More)
N-octyl-O-sulfate chitosan micellar system loaded paclitaxel was prepared by using dialysis method. The critical micelle concentration (CMC) of the modified chitosan was found to be 0.45 mg/ml. Compared with the amount of N-octyl-O-sulfate chitosan, the paclitaxel loading amount in the system was up to 25% (w/w), depending on both of the solvents used in(More)
The family of Vicsek fractals is one of the most important and frequently studied regular fractal classes, and it is of considerable interest to understand the dynamical processes on this treelike fractal family. In this paper, we investigate discrete random walks on the Vicsek fractals, with the aim to obtain the exact solutions to the global(More)
Highly selective molecularly imprinted mesoporous silica polymer (SBA-15@MIP) for baicalein (BAI) extraction was synthesized using a surface molecular imprinting technique on the SBA-15 supporter. Computational simulation was used to predict the optimal functional monomer for the rational design of SBA-15@MIP. Meanwhile, high adsorption capacity was(More)
Plant recognition recently becomes more and more attractive in computer vision and pattern recognition. Although some researchers have proposed several methods, their accuracy is not satisfactory. Therefore, a novel method of plant recognition based on leaf image is proposed in the paper. Both shape and texture features are employed in the proposed method(More)
Data assimilation (DA), an effective approach to merge dynamic model and observations to improve states estimation accuracy, has been a hot topic in the earth science and lots of efforts have been devoted to the DA algorithms. In this paper, an improved residual resampling particle filtering (improved RR-PF) is proposed. Compared with the generic residual(More)
When source signals have nonlinear autocorrelation temporal structure, nonlinear autocorrelation has been used as a statistical property for solving blind source separation (BSS) problem (Z. Shi, Z. Jiang, F. Zhou, A fixed-point algorithm for blind source separation with nonlinear autocorrelation, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (2009)).(More)
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) presents one of the most lethal brain tumor with a dismal prognosis. And nanodrug delivery system (nano-DDS) have raised a lot of concern, while the conventional nanoformulations addressed many limitations, especially the low drug loading capacity and poor stability in vivo. Herein, we proposed PTX prodrug (PTX-SS-C18)(More)
Blind source extraction (BSE) is a special class of blind source separation (BSS) method. Due to its low computation load and fast processing speed, BSE has become one of the promising methods in signal processing and analysis. This paper addresses BSE problem when a desired source signal has temporal structures. Based on the generalized autocorrelations of(More)