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miR-125b has essential roles in coordinating tumor proliferation, angiogenesis, invasiveness, metastasis and chemotherapy recurrence. In ovarian cancer miR-125b has been shown to be downregulated and acts as a tumor suppressor by targeting proto-oncogene BCL3. PPARγ, a multiple functional transcription factor, has been reported to have anti-tumor effects(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the expression and effect of rat mitofusin-2 (rMfn2) in the ovaries and other organs in rats. Rat models were developed by the intraovarian microinjection of an rMfn2-overexpressing lenti-viral vector. Lenti-green fluorescent protein (GFP)-rMfn2 was microinjected into rat ovaries at a dosage of 2x10 6 tuberculin(More)
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