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With the rapid growth of information technologies, mobile devices have been utilized in a variety of services such as e‐commerce. When a remote server provides such e‐commerce services to a user, it must verify the legitimacy of the user over an insecure communication channel. Therefore, remote user authentication has been widely (More)
All-to-all broadcast scheduling problems are considered in WDM optical passive star networks where k wavelengths are available in the network. It is assumed that each node has exactly one tunable transmitter and one xed tuned receiver. All transmitters can tune to k di erent wavelengths, and have the same tuning delay to tune from one wavelength to another.(More)
Building a global Network Relations with the internet has made huge changes in personal information system and even comments left on a webpage of SNS(Social Network Services) are appreciated as important elements that would provide valuable information for someone. Social Network is a relation between individuals or (More)
Even though many companies and nations are aware of the need for implementing mobile cloud computing to their business practice, sometimes it is difficult to clarify the objective of cloud computing service. The general trend is to just implement ASP (Active Server Provider) instead. The most noteworthy distributed computing framework in the field of cloud(More)
The ubiquitous autonomic computing and network (uAuto) project is one of the 21st century frontier R&D programs supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Korea. It is a long term project for ten years up to 2013 making project participants to be a world class leading research organization in the ubiquitous computing domain, which is to develop(More)