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In the latest 15 years, the use of IT outsourcing has exploded. With fast changing business environment and IT environment, the relationship between the clients and vendors are evolving from market type of buyer-seller relationship to partnership relationship. Partnership outsourcing has been the trend of IT outsourcing. Some scholar identified five levels(More)
As one of the key applied forms on Internet, C2C E-commerce has been growing at a very high speed in China in recent years. Starting from the perspective that C2C E-commerce consumers pursue low price while retailers try to decrease the cost, by using the methods of sampling survey and case studythe paper will discuss issues about goods delivery cost,(More)
In recent years, cell phones have played an increasingly important role in rapidly-developing global telecommunication services. At present, mobile business develops very fast. However, the development in other mobile service fields, such as public service, mobile medical service, etc, is still in its infant stage. Drawing on the experience of the 'doctor(More)
With the rise of e-commerce business, sales forecasting plays an increasingly important role, for accurate and speedy forecasting can help e-commerce companies solve all the uncertainty associated with demand and supply and reduce inventory cost. As the rapid growth in the amount of data, traditional intelligence models like Neural Networks have weakness in(More)
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