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—. The third generation of NXP 0.25 µm SiGe BiCMOS technology (QUBiC4Xi) is presented. The NPN has f T /f max of 216/177 GHz and BV cb0 of 5.2 V. The high-voltage NPN has 12 V BV cb0 , and f T /f max of 80/162 GHz. This is complemented with an improved MIM capacitor with 1THz cutoff frequency and new on-chip isolation structures that demonstrate a record(More)
To investigate the expression of TNF-α, IFN-γ, TGF-β, and IL-4 in the spinal tuberculous focus and its relationship with the lesions type, severity, and bone destruction. The pathological samples of patients with spinal tuberculosis (TB) were divided into hyperplasia group and necrosis group according to their intra-operative and post-operative pathological(More)
Nanotopography refers to 10-100 nm surface height variations that exist on a lateral millimeter length scale on unpatterned silicon wafers. Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) of deposited or grown films (e.g., oxide or nitride) on such wafers can generate undesirable film thinning which can be of substantial concern in shallow trench isolation (STI)(More)
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