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Airborne infrared scanning image is often distorted due to the change of the airplane's attitude and position. Therefore, ground control points must be used to rectify the raw infrared image if traditional approach is adopted. A new method is tested in this paper to rectify scanning image fast based on GPS and INS. First the positions of some pixels in a(More)
The multi-path scattering mechanism always exists in the real complex targets, especially the cavity. The theory of SAR image formation invokes an assumption, which is that only single reflection of the wave is received. That is to say, conventional theory does not consider the effects of multi-bounce (MB), so the efforts of MB always generate the ghost(More)
Edge detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images has been a challenging task due to the speckle noise. Ratio-based edge detectors are robust operators for SAR images that provide constant false alarm rates, but they are only optimal for step edges. Edge detectors developed by the phase congruency model provide the identification of different types of(More)
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