Hongjian Chen

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A parallel algorithm for Hough transform on a linear array with reconfigurable pipeline bus system (LARPBS) is presented. Suppose the number of θ-values to be considered is m, for an image with n × n pixels, the algorithm can complete Hough transform in O(1) time using mn 2 processors and achieve optimal speed and efficiency. We also illustrate how to(More)
On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) refers to the technologies that allow users to efficiently retrieve data from the data warehouse for decision support purposes. OLAP queries tend to be complex, often requiring computationally expensive operations such as multi-table joint and aggregation. In the high dimensional DW, we fully materialize the data cube(More)
Clustering is an effective topology control approach in wireless sensor networks, which can prolong the lifetime and also improve the capability of networks. The main difference between different clustering protocols is the way in which to elect the CH (cluster head). This paper introduced several different phases in a round of a clustering protocol and how(More)
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