Honghuan Lin

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Using digital video technology, selective aspects of a face can be masked by identifying the pixels that represent it and then, by adjusting the gray levels, effectively eliminate that facial aspect. In groups of young adults with normal vision and hearing, consonant-viseme recognition was measured for closed sets of vowel-consonant-vowel disyllables. In(More)
Through investigation on germinating rate and process of unreduced diploidy pollen and monoploid pollen in Populus tomentosa x P. alba and P. tomentosa, it was proved that there were different radiosensitivities to 60Co gamma-ray among different ploidy pollen, i.e. the radiosensitivity of monoploidy pollen was two times higher than diploidy pollen. To(More)
The category boundary on a voice-onset-time (VOT) continuum ranging from bin to pin shifts when the stimuli are preceded by different carrier phrases. By using a variety of precursor phrases, by varying the temporal interval between precursor and test word, and by selectively eliminating either voicing information or spectral structure from the precursors,(More)
This study focuses on the initial component of the stop consonant release burst, the release transient. In theory, the transient, because of its impulselike source, should contain much information about the vocal tract configuration at release, but it is usually weak in intensity and difficult to isolate from the accompanying frication in natural speech.(More)
Phase fluctuation optical heterodyne spectroscopy is employed to obtain the first nonextractive data on size-mass distribution of submicrometer ammonium sulfate aerosols. The required theory of aerosol absorption of electromagnetic energy and subsequent thermalization is presented. Based on this theory, the predicted behavior was confirmed by experiments(More)
A labeling test with synthetic speech stimuli was carried out to determine to what extent the two dimensions of fundamental frequency (F0), height and movement, and syllable duration provide cues to tonal distinctions in Taiwanese. The data show that the high level vs. mid level tones and the high falling vs. mid falling tones can be reliably distinguished(More)
We report lasing characteristics of 40-60-microm-diameter Rhodamine 590/water solution droplets pumped by a 20-nsec-duration Q-switched laser. The Rhodamine/water solution provides a useful model system for studying the properties of oscillators based on whispering-gallery-wave spherical cavities. The low threshold for lasing, 10(4) W/cm(2) for 10(-4) M(More)
Recent advances in an aerosol-generation technique have permitted the accurate identification of optical resonance-mode features of micrometer-sized freely falling droplets for several different optical processes. Both input and output resonant features of fluorescence and lasing from dye-doped microdroplets were assigned to specific spherical cavity modes(More)