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Similarity matching is one of the most important operations for data mining over time series. But previous works mainly focus on certain data. With the development of the internet of things and sensor networks, uncertain time series are emerging from various sources, which is a new challenge for data processing. In this paper, a novel similarity matching(More)
In this paper, we present a new watermarking arithmetic for color images based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT). First we transform the color space from RGB to YUV. After scrambling, the U component is transformed to the frequency spectrum by 3-level DWT. We take pseudo random sequence as the watermark, and insert it into the second and third high(More)
routing failure problem seriously declines the stability and working efficiency of P2P network. We find less routing failure are caused by malicious attacks, but most routing failure result from several reasons, such as high join/leave rate of nodes, inhomogeneous distribution of nodes, and performance deference among nodes. The paper proposed an improved(More)
Aiming at the security problems of network management,the paper describes the basic principle of PPPOE agreement based on the RouterOS. The paper shows that PPPOE services are realized by using RouterOS. At last combined with the application of the campus network of Huangshi Institute of Technology, gives out a PPPOE access program based on campus network.(More)
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