Honghua Chang

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This paper presents experimental results for time-optimal control of robotic manipulators along specified paths. The implementation of time-optimal control represents several unique problems: (1) the control is generally discontinuous (bang-bang), (2) actuator dynamics are usually ignored in order to reduce the system order, and (3) the optimal control(More)
This is a performance evaluation on the implementation of the Cramer-Rao lower bound (CRLB) for background clutter measurement on automatic target recognition (ATR). In essence the background clutter evaluation problem for ATR is consistent with the deterministic parameter estimation problem. Thus, useful concepts and theories of deterministic parameter(More)
Traditional models of visual search such as feature integration theory (FIT; Treisman & Gelade, 1980), have suggested that a key factor determining task difficulty consists of whether or not the search target contains a "basic feature" not found in the other display items (distractors). Here we discriminate between such traditional models and our recent(More)
A method to quantify clutter in color images is presented. This method is based on a grayscale clutter metric, target structure similarity (TSSIM) metric, which showed the best correlation with human perception than the other available metrics. The proposed new metric is designed to measure the background clutter in the perceptually decorrelated(More)
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