Honghao Zheng

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UNLABELLED The graphene oxide (GO) has attracted tremendous attention in biomedical fields. In order to combine the unique physicochemical properties of GO nanosheets with topological structure of aligned nanofibrous scaffolds for nerve regeneration, the GO nanosheets were coated onto aligned and aminolyzed poly-l-lactide (PLLA) nanofibrous scaffolds.(More)
The shape of particles is recognized as an important parameter to influence their interactions with cells. In this study, spherical and discal polyurethane microcapsules were prepared via an adsorption and crosslinking method on the templates with corresponding shapes in organic solvent. Both types of capsules could be well dispersed in aqueous medium and(More)
Ionic strength-responsive microcapsules with auto-fluorescence were fabricated by incubation of poly(allylamine hydrochloride) (PAH)-doped CaCO3 particles in triethylamine (Et3N), followed by core removal using HCl. Based on the combination of hydrophobic interaction and hydrogen bonding, PAH and Et3N formed a complex with a molar ratio of 3:1 (repeating(More)
Chirality is one of the most fascinating and ubiquitous features in nature, especially in biological systems. The effects of chiral surfaces, especially in combination with degradable materials of good biocompatibility, on stem cell behaviors has not yet been tackled. In this communication, the chiral monomers N-acryloyl-l(d)-valine (l(d)-AV) are(More)
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