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Owing to the profound impact of nervous system damage, extensive studies have been carried out aimed at facilitating axonal regeneration following injury. Tissue engineering, as an emerging and rapidly growing field, has received extensive attention for nervous system axonal guidance. Numerous engineered substrates containing oriented extracellular matrix(More)
Genome size is an indicator of evolutionary distance and a metric for genome characterization. Here, we report accurate estimates of genome size in 99 accessions from 26 species of Avena. We demonstrate that the average genome size of C genome diploid species (2C = 10.26 pg) is 15% larger than that of A genome species (2C = 8.95 pg), and that this(More)
Genome analysis of 27 oat species identifies ancestral groups, delineates the D genome, and identifies ancestral origin of 21 mapped chromosomes in hexaploid oat. We investigated genomic relationships among 27 species of the genus Avena using high-density genetic markers revealed by genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS). Two methods of GBS analysis were used: one(More)
Complete List of Authors: Yan, Honghai; Triticeae Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural University, Martin, Sara; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Bekele, Wubishet; Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Latta, Robert; Dalhousie University, Department of Biology Diederichsen, Axel; Plant Gene Resources of Canada, Agriculture and AgriFood Canada Peng,(More)
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