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This paper presents a repair algorithm for the design of a Radial Basis Function (RBF) neural network. The proposed repair RBF (RRBF) algorithm starts from a single prototype randomly initialized in the feature space. The algorithm has two main phases: an architecture learning phase and a parameter adjustment phase. The architecture learning phase uses a(More)
In this paper, a self-organizing fuzzy-neural-network with adaptive computation algorithm (SOFNN-ACA) is proposed for modeling a class of nonlinear systems. This SOFNN-ACA is constructed online via simultaneous structure and parameter learning processes. In structure learning, a set of fuzzy rules can be self-designed using an information-theoretic(More)
A novel learning algorithm is proposed for nonlinear modelling and identification using radial basis function neural networks. The proposed method simplifies neural network training through the use of an adaptive computation algorithm (ACA). In addition, the convergence of the ACA is analyzed by the Lyapunov criterion. The proposed algorithm offers two(More)
This paper presents a flexible structure Radial Basis Function (RBF) neural network (FS-RBFNN) and its application to water quality prediction. The FS-RBFNN can vary its structure dynamically in order to maintain the prediction accuracy. The hidden neurons in the RBF neural network can be added or removed online based on the neuron activity and mutual(More)
Keywords: Dynamic structure neural networks (DSNN) Dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration control Wastewater treatment process (WWTP) Growing and pruning algorithm a b s t r a c t Activated sludge wastewater treatment processes (WWTPs) are difficult to control because of their complex nonlinear behavior. In this paper, an adaptive controller based on a dynamic(More)