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Automated simplification of trigonometric expressions is an important problem that hasn't been completely solved by current computer algebra systems. This paper presents a number of unique prescriptions for the ordering of some trigonometric transformation rules, which have been derived by observing how human experts follow their intuitive rules. We have(More)
Active contour model, or snakes, are used extensively in digital image processing, particularly to locate object boundary, the model include geometric and parametric active models. Problems associated with initialization and convergence restrict their utility, which have been solved by Xu, who proposed gradient vector flow. However, parametric active models(More)
We demonstrate a novel method to segment the tongue image automatically with the mouth location method and active appearance model (AAM). With the help of a particular feature of the mouth,we could locate the dark hole's position easily and quickly. For the close relationship between the mouth and tongue, we would predict the approximate area of the tongue.(More)
The paper utilizes semantic web and knowledge service technologies to construct a subject-oriented learning navigation system used in middle school education. The system inherently builds a knowledge base by ontology to store the relationship of subject knowledge points to learning resource and relationship between knowledge points , displays the(More)
An intelligent tutoring system plays vital role in education and its importance is constantly increasing, meanwhile the key challenge in the teaching learning process is assessing students' learning efficiently. In this paper, a hybrid assessment based-on ACT-R cognitive learning theory, combining ontology knowledge map with skills is proposed. In order to(More)