Honggang Xue

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Monoclonal antibody (MAb)-based capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) were developed for the diagnosis of rabies-suspect specimens. A combination of four mouse monoclonal antibodies directed against the rabies virus nucleocapsid was selected and used for the detection. The test was optimized and standardized so that maximum concordance could be(More)
Quality control of vaccine strains is directly associated with the safety and efficacy of inactivated whole bacterial vaccines. The assessment of genetic stability is one of the essential elements to guarantee the quality of vaccine strains. The multiple-valence inactivated leptospiral vaccine, comprising the main circulating serogroups, has played an(More)
A portfolio rebalancing model with self-finance strategy and consideration of V-shaped transaction cost is presented in this paper. Ourmain contribution is that a new constraint is introduced to confirm that the rebalance necessity of the existing portfolio needs to be adjusted.The constraint is constructed by considering both the transaction amount and(More)
Inadvertent vaccine freezing often occurs in the cold chain and may cause damage to freeze‑sensitive vaccines. Liquid vaccines that contain aluminum salt adjuvants are particularly vulnerable. Polyol cryoprotective excipients have been shown to prevent freeze damage to hepatitis B vaccine. In this study, we examined the freeze-protective effect of propylene(More)