Hongfu Meng

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In this letter, a dual-frequency dual-polarization slotted waveguide antenna array at Ka-band is proposed. A 9 ×10 inclined slot array working at 35 GHz, cut in the narrow wall of rectangular waveguides, is employed for horizontal polarization (HP). An 8 ×10 longitudinal slot array working at 30 GHz, etched on the broadside of ridged(More)
In this paper, a low sidelobe slotted waveguide monopulse antenna array working at Ka-band is proposed. The design procedure of radiating element parameter extraction and the synthesis of planar array is introduced. A 28 × 28 circular slotted waveguide antenna array is presented. The simulated bandwidth (return loss less than -20 dB) of antenna array(More)
In this paper, the design and experimental results of a multi-beam antenna for communications link are presented. The proposed antenna has 16 circular waveguide ports around a constant permittivity dielectric spherical lens. By controlling the feeding network of the waveguide, the radiation pattern of the antenna can switch from one beam to another. The(More)
In this paper, the genetic algorithm (GA) combined with ray tracing (RT) method is employed to optimize the design of the dielectric radome. The thickness profile of the radome wall is chosen as the optimization parameter and the minimizing of the boresight error (BSE) of the antenna-radome system is the optimization object. The thickness variation in some(More)
In this paper, a monopulse slot array antenna working at Ka-band based on dual-layer substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) is presented. The 16×16 slot array antenna with feeding network and the monopulse sum-difference comparator is designed on separated layers which takes the advantage of compact size and high aperture efficiency. The honeycomb SIW(More)
In this paper, we have proposed a hybrid method for the analysis of the electrically large radome-enclosed pyramidal horn. The present method combines BI, FEM, MM, and PO together. It takes the full interactions between the antenna and the radome into consideration, and is more accurate than the decoupled analysis of the antenna-radome system. The aperture(More)
In this paper, a diffractive Cassegrain antenna for the monopulse radar at W band is designed. The main-reflector of the antenna is divided into several rings, and the surface in each ring is a part of a parabolic reflector with different focal length. The antenna has a gain of 37.6dB and the first sidelobe level is about −18.9dB. The thickness(More)