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In simplex hybrid genetic algorithm, widely using Nelder-Mead simplex method (NMSM) would lead to precocity of genetic algorithm and increase in computation quantity, so a novel simplex hybrid genetic algorithm is proposed in this paper. First, we propose a new efficient simplex crossover operator. Second, using the successful experiences of dividing the(More)
Simplex genetic algorithm (Simplex-GA) is the fusion between the simplex multi-direction searches consisting in Nelder-Mead Simplex Method (NMSM), i.e., MDS-NMSM, and the evolutionary mechanism of genetic algorithm, i.e., selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior. One of important differences in evolution algorithms is that each evolution(More)
—Destruction of interdependencies of multivariable in decomposing hyper-high dimensional problems into single variable is generally the main reason that Conventional CC framework fails to optimize inseparable problems. An improved CC framework is proposed, which designs a basic optimizer that has better performance in high-dimension optimization. The(More)
Under the basic frame of evolution computations (EA) and the kernel idea of Nelder-Mead simplex method, a novel evolution algorithm (EA), namely the two dimensions simplex EA (2D-simplexEA), is proposed. 2D-SimplexEA has four search operators: a reflection operator, a contraction operator, a plane search operator and a mutation operator. The first three(More)
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