Hongfeng Sun

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Aiming at the task scheduling algorithm of cloud environment, an improved adaptive genetic algorithm (PAGA) based on priority mechanism is proposed. This approach for job scheduling not only ensures to make the least execution time but also guarantees the QoS requirement of customer job. An integrated fitness function based on priority is designed to(More)
In the modern social, with the enhancement of informatization degree of every industry, a great deal of complicated data were produced and accumulated. These big data will highlight the important value with the function of data mining technique. The paper discourses the five aspects in which data mining of big data serviced finance industry. This also(More)
This paper focuses on the problems of “lack of home culture” and reconstruction strategies of home culture in translation teaching. Translation teaching is a kind of cross-cultural activity and it should not simply provide students opportunities to learn and know about target culture, it should also fulfill the task of transmitting their own(More)
In P2P systems, peers are often organized by similarity, trying to ensure the content that any peer needs be found in peers who are in short connections with them to improve the efficiency of searching resources which become popular and difficult in P2P field. First, the background of P2P systems and typical applications are introduced. Then the concept of(More)
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