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Dynamic signal control is complex but important to increase intersection capacity and decrease delays at the same time. A genetic fuzzy logic model for multi-phase signal control at isolated intersections is developed in this study. This model is based on the sufficient fusion of hierarchical genetic algorithms with fuzzy logic, which can ensure the(More)
An important problem in graph embeddings and parallel computing is to embed a rectangular grid into other graphs. We present a novel, general, combinatorial approach to (one-to-one) embedding rectangular grids into their ideal rectangular grids and optimal hypercubes. In contrast to earlier approaches of Aleliunas and Rosenberg, and Ellis, our approach is(More)
The throughput and reliability indexes of broadcasting protocol is related to contention windows valve and contending nodes in vehicular ad networks. To find suitable contention window value which can optimize the throughput and reliability of broadcasting protocol, this paper propose theoretical analytic model to analysis the relationship between the(More)
VANETs (vehicular ad hoc networks) are emerging as a new network environment for intelligent transportation systems. Many of the applications built for VANETs will depend on the communications technology that vehicles exchange the information by using wireless LAN without any base stations. So, it is important to provide strict delay guarantees and high(More)
— An effective broadcasting protocol should satisfy driver's needs for various transportation information which can enhance the security, comfort and convenience of journey. We propose a discrete markov analytic model for performance evaluation of IEEE 802.11 MAC-broadcasting protocol under saturation condition for vehicular ad hoc networks in highways.(More)
Let G = h x w be a rectangular grid and H = s x s be the optimal sqaure grid for G, i.e., the least square grid which is no less than G in size. In this paper, an embedding scheme is presented for embedding G into H such that the dilation cost is at most 6. The significance of this result is that optimal expansion is always achieved, regardless of the(More)