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In many real-world OpenFlow-based SDN deployments, the ability to program heterogeneous forwarding elements built with different forwarding architectures is a desirable capability. In this paper, we discuss a data plane programming framework suitable for a flexible and protocol-oblivious data plane and show how OpenFlow can evolve to provide a generic(More)
Effective SDN control relies on the network data collecting capability as well as the quality and timeliness of the data. As open programmable data plane is becoming a reality, we further enhance it with the support of runtime interactive programming in order to cope with application dynamics, optimize data plane resource allocation , and reduce(More)
Networking data analytics is increasingly used for enhanced network visibility and controllability. We draw the similarities between the Software Defined Networking (SDN) architecture and the MapReduce programming model. Inspired by the similarity, we suggest the necessary data plane innovations to make network data plane devices function as distributed(More)
The study takes a quantitative approach to test the determinants of commercial mortgage loan pricing at origination. The determinants include capital market risk, property market risks, mortgage terms and property characteristics. Taken into consideration of the endogenous factor between loan spread and LTV ratio, we use the OLS and 2SLS model to examine(More)
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