Hongfang Ji

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In this paper we describe the cloning, expression and identification study of the TIP30 gene from amphioxus (Branchiostoma belcheri). The amphioxus TIP30 cDNA is comprised of 1499 bp and is translated in one open-reading frame to give a protein of 237 amino acids, with a predicted 23 amino acids signal peptide, a 147 bp 5'-UTR and a 638 bp 3'-UTR. A(More)
Vitellogenin (Vg), once reported to be a female-specific protein, has been identified in both male and juvenile fishes. However, the biological significance of the production of Vg in the male and juvenile fishes is elusive. Our previous studies showed that Vg is an opsonin capable of enhancing phagocytosis, but the mechanism by which Vg mediates(More)
Chitinases perform a key role in defense mechanisms of biocontrol fungi against pathogenic fungi. A chitinase gene (designated Chi46) of C. cupreum which has a potential against a range of plant pathogens was amplified by RT-PCR and then integrated into the genomic DNA of pYES2 by insertion into a single site for recombination, yielding the recombinant(More)
Endochitinase gene fragment of Chaetomium cupreum (designated Chi46) obtained by construction of C. cupreum mycelium cDNA library. Its full-length cDNA was cloned by PCR. The results showed that the open reading frame of Chi46 was 1350bp and encoded a putative protein of 449 amino acids residues with s molecular mass of 46kDa. Bioinformatics analysis(More)
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