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ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Paris polyphylla var. yunnanensis as a traditional Chinese medicine has been used in the treatment of liver disease for thousands of years. Rhizoma paridis saponins (RPS), as the main active components of Paris polyphylla, have been used to treat liver injury. Anti-cirrhosis effect of Rhizoma paridis saponins (RPS) has not(More)
Glycyrrhiza uralensis has acquired significant importance due to its medicinal properties and health function. In this study, the quality of G. uralensis adventitious roots was evaluated in terms of genetic stability, active compounds, and anti-inflammatory activity. Monomorphic banding pattern obtained from the mother plant and tissue cultures of G.(More)
In the present study, the culture conditions for the accumulation of Glycyrrhiza uralensis adventitious root metabolites in balloon-type bubble bioreactors (BTBBs) have been optimized. The results of the culture showed that the best culture conditions were a cone angle of 90° bioreactor and 0.4-0.6-0.4-vvm aeration volume. Aspergillus niger can be used as a(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Cerebralcare Granule (CG), one of the famous classical recipes in traditional Chinese medicine, is developed from the "Decoction of Four Drugs". It has been used for treatment of cerebrovascular related diseases, such as hypertension. It is well known that vasodilatation plays a very important role in hypertensive. Despite the(More)
Cerebralcare granule(®) (CG) has been reported to have hypotensive effect. However, several pathways involved in the mechanism of hypotension are still unclear. This study was designed to verify the antihypertensive effect of CG and to characterize its mechanism of action, especially from the perspective of gasotrasmmiter NO/cGMP, CO/HO and H2S/CSE systems.(More)
Rhizoma Paridis saponins (RPS) with a good antitumor effect in clinical use showed low bioavailability and toxicity. Combination of Rhizoma Curcuma longa with RPS, which called LouHuang preparation (LH), not only overcame the RPS limitations but also improved its anticancer effect. The median lethal dose (LD₅₀) of LH in mice was 3410.9 mg/kg by oral acute(More)
The combination of Western medicine and Chinese prescription is the most effective tumor therapy in China market. In our previous report, a new prescription composed by Rhizoma Paridis and Rhizoma Curcuma longa called LouHuang preparation (LH) shows good antitumor activity. 10-Hydroxycamptothecin (HCPT) as a chemotherapy agent is used for treatment of solid(More)
Nine Lilium samples (belong to 6 different cultivars with different maturity stage) were qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed of total phenolics (TP), total flavonoids (TF), total saponins (TS), total carbohydrates (TC, polysaccharides), and soluble proteins contents (SP), and the monomeric components were quantified utilizing high-performance liquid(More)
Tongmai Yangxin (TMYX) Pill is a traditional Chinese patent medicine, composed of eleven Chinese medicinal herbs. It has been used to treat coronary heart disease for several decades. In this study, six male Sprague-Dawley rats were dosed orally with TMYX methanol extract, and a serum pharmacochemistry technique was used to screen absorbed bioactive(More)
The aims of this study are to investigate the antioxidant and antitumor activities of the water and ethanol extracts isolated from Chinese yam (Dioscorea opposite Thunb.) flesh (CYF) and peel (CYP) and the effective compounds. It was found that all peel portions have a better effect on reactive oxygen (ROS) scavenging assay than meat portions, especially(More)