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Currently there are many methods for calculating the periodicity of Arnold transformation and getting the inverse transformation, the use of traditional Arnold transformation for the image scrambling has become unsafe, for this issue it proposes an algorithm for digital image block location scrambling. It has improved the traditional Arnold transformation(More)
According to the existing problems like that the algorithm is very complex, the quantity of operation is large and safety is not advanced in the present digital image encryption, this study has put forward a new chaotic system based on Logistic generation and transformation to realize the sequence image encryption, the algorithm gave the traditional chaotic(More)
According to the shortcoming of hiding capacity is low in the traditional reversible image hiding algorithm, a reversible data hiding algorithm based on pixels difference is proposed. It utilizes the relevance of two adjacent pixels to hide data by modifying pixel grayscale values. Plenty of experimental results show that it can hide more data than many of(More)
This paper introduces a model to describe the dynamic evolution of network information, identifying and analyzing the document collection on the same topic in different stages. In order to characterize the dynamic relationship of evolutionary content differences, this paper presents a dynamic multi-document summarization model, which is called the Dynamic(More)
In this study, we propose a novel method for color constancy based on image similarity. Discuss how to improve illumination estimation techniques and take extracted effective information from the regions of the images into account. Design a strategy to select effective candidate images from image classes which present different content and are usually taken(More)
The cavity is an important indicator of quality detection for the man-made fiberboard. According to the smaller sizes, the variant shapes and the larger range of colour distribution of the cavities, this paper carries out a detailed analysis of the cavity parameters. This paper enhances the contrast of the image of the cavity, and then uses the threshold(More)
The log scale is the first process in timber trade and wood processing manufacture, and the efficiency and accuracy of log scale will directly affect the efficiency of wood production and trade fair. Real-time and online management of the information of log scale can reduce unnecessary links in the circulation of wood and improve the efficiency of timber(More)
This paper presents a control system design method for the three-axis-rotational maneuver of a flexible spacecraft. The design of attitude controller was based on variable structure control (VSC) theory leading to a discontinuous control law. A switching mechanism is employed to design the attitude controller such that outside the sliding region VSC law(More)