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The potential use of TerraSAR-X and Radarsat-2 data for soil moisture retrieval over bare agricultural areas was investigated using both empirical and semi-empirical approaches. For the empirical approach, the Support Vector Regression (SVR) model was used with two cases: (1) using only one C-band or X-band image; and (2) using a pair of C-band and X-band(More)
An approach to study the mechanism of mining-induced subsidence, using a combination of phase-stacking and sub-pixel offset-tracking methods, is reported. In this method, land subsidence with a small deformation gradient was calculated using time-series differential interferometric synthetic aperture radar (D-InSAR) data, whereas areas with greater(More)
Remaining useful life prediction is a key issue in prognostics and health management. A degradation model is presented in this paper for online remaining useful life prediction utilizing a Wiener-process-based model with an adaptive drift parameter. This model is different from other Wiener-process-based model in that the drift parameter is updated(More)
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