Hongdan Zhao

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This article examines the psychological mechanism underlying the relationship between compulsory citizenship behavior (CCB) and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) by developing a moderated mediation model. The model focuses on the mediating role of organizational identification and the moderating role of interactional justice in influencing the(More)
The transition crystal TiO(2) sonocatalyst was prepared utilizing the method of ultrasonic irradiation in hydrogen peroxide solution. The sonocatalytic activity of the transition crystal TiO(2) powder was validated through the degradation of methyl orange in aqueous solution by ultrasonic irradiation. The results show that the sonocatalytic activity of the(More)
This study seeks to examine the effect of abusive supervision on the "dark side" of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) and, specifically, compulsory citizenship behavior (CCB). The study focuses on the mediating role of psychological safety underpinning the relationship between abusive supervision and CCB, and the moderating role of Chinese(More)
Based on the value-oriented ontology approach, we present a simulation analysis with the e-value software, and study the Witkey business model with structural analysis modeling method. The feasibility analysis on Witkey business model has been proved theoretically through the adjustment and estimate of parameters. Finally, the paper concludes with practical(More)
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