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The research of the wheel alignment system based on computer vision is a popular field for automobile safety. For realizing the effective and accurate feature recognition for the chessboard calibration target of the system, the enhancement algorithms based on Gamma correction are indicated. According to the research object, identification requires(More)
The recognition of the wheel rim is a crucial area for vehicle safety. We present a novel recognition method for the detection of wheel rim whose projective curve is an ellipse. An image preprocessing method including the Otsu algorithm to binary the gray image, removing spurious areas and region filling algorithm is introduced to segment the rim area(More)
Considering the disability of calibration theories and methods for the tester of automobile wheelbase difference, mechanical analysis of the vehicle stability is employed to dedicate the negative influences of wheelbase difference. A novel device can realize calibration of the wheelbase difference within the range of 0-40 mm by variable wheelbase mechanism(More)
The research of feature corner recognition for the calibration target is a crucial area for a vision-based measurement system. For the disability of detecting the corner’s location in a vehicle test system accurately, the theoretical errors based on Harris algorithm are analyzed. Experimental results show that the method can not be used in the(More)
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