Hongcheng Xu

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This brief presents an ultralow-voltage multistage rectifier built with standard threshold CMOS for energyharvesting applications. A threshold-compensated diode (TCD) is developed to minimize the forward voltage drop while maintaining low reverse leakage flow. In addition, an interstage compensation scheme is proposed that enables efficient power conversion(More)
An experimental and numerical investigation was carried out on the performance of a single-wheel travelling over various kinds of loose soil, including dry sand, wet sand, and mud. The experiments were conducted using a testbed equipped with a displacement transducer, a torque sensor, etc., to get the information on sinkage, driving torque, and drawbar(More)
This paper presents a low drop-out voltage regulator (LDO) suitable for input voltages twice the nominal operating voltage of the CMOS technology. High GBW and good DC accuracy in line and load regulation is achieved by using 3-stage error amplifiers. Two feedback loops are used to improve stability. High voltage compatibility is established by stacking two(More)
In this paper, a study of an all-terrain wheeled mobile robot which is a complex multi-body mechanism is presented. An effective approach for kinematics modeling of the robot traversing uneven terrain has been proposed. Denavit-Hartenberg algorithms and differential kinematics are derived for the individual wheel motions in contact with the terrain. The(More)