Hongchen Wang

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Large amount of sludge has been a great trouble and raised significant concerns in China. This paper reviewed the current situation of sludge production, management, treatment and disposal in China. Total sludge production in China had an average annual growth of 13% from 2007 to 2013, and 6.25 million tons dry solids was produced in 2013. Per Capita sludge(More)
Lead ions (Pb(2+)), ubiquitous and one of the most toxic metallic pollutants, have attracted increasing attentions because of their various neurotoxic effects. Pb(2+) has been proven to induce a conformational change in G-quadruplex (G4) aptamers to form a stabilizing G4/Pb(2+) complex. Based on this principle, an innovative optofluidics-based DNA(More)
PURPOSE Aerosol toxicology and drug delivery through the lungs, which depend on various parameters, require methods to quantify particle deposition. Intrapulmonary-administered MRI contrast agent combined with lung-specific imaging sequences has been proposed as a high performance technique for aerosol research. Here, aerosol deposition is assessed using(More)
A structure-switching DNA optical biosensor for rapid on-site/in situ detection of heavy metal ions is reported. Mercury ions (Hg²⁺), highly toxic and ubiquitous pollutants, were selected as model target. In this system, fluorescence-labeled DNA containing T-T mismatch structure was introduced to bind with DNA probes immobilized onto the sensor surface. In(More)
A hapten-grafted graphene-based biosensor by integrating both the graphene nanosheets and immunoassay sensing technologies was developed for ultrasensitive homogeneous competitive immunoassay of small molecules. The structure of hapten-grafted graphene avoids the activity loss of biomolecules immobilized onto the graphene surface and is beneficial to(More)
A nanoprobe based on quantum-dot (QD) haptens was synthesized by conjugating carboxyl quantum dots with aminoethyl-microcystin (MC)-leucine-arginine (LR). A two-alkyl group was introduced to supply a spacer between the QD nanoprobe and anti-MC-LR antibody to reduce the steric hindrances of immunoreaction. The sensor system based on a portable optofluidic(More)
Due to the limitation of the band range of satellite sensor and the influence of the earth's atmosphere, the Landsat remote sensing images are inevitably be covered with clouds, which bring many difficulties to subsequent using and interpretation(environmental monitoring, resource investing-ation, agricultural production, ecological protection, et al). So(More)
By magnetron controlled sputtering system, a new nanostructured metastable monoclinic phase VO2 (B) thin film has been fabricated. The testing result shows that this nanostructured VO2 (B) thin film has high temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) of -7%/K. Scanning electron microscopy measurement shows that the average grain diameter of the VO2 (B)(More)
Bisphenol A (BPA), a xenoestrogenic endocrine-disrupting chemical, is used in many consumer products worldwide and is widely detected in the environment and in food. Combining the advantages of evanescent wave fiber optic sensor and microfluidic technology, an all-fiber optofluidics-based bioassay platform (AFOB) was developed for the rapid immunoassay and(More)
27 FEBRUARY 2015 • VOL 347 ISSUE 6225 957 SCIENCE sciencemag.org the locals should be provided paid positions as rangers and managers to join all aspects of the management and conservation of reindeer, and the herding cultural system. Jing Wang, Junping Sun, Achyut Aryal, David Raubenheimer, Deguang Liu, Yan Sheng, Dunhu Chang, Lei Shi, Jian Wu, Zhong Ma,(More)