Hongchen Wang

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A structure-switching DNA optical biosensor for rapid on-site/in situ detection of heavy metal ions is reported. Mercury ions (Hg²⁺), highly toxic and ubiquitous pollutants, were selected as model target. In this system, fluorescence-labeled DNA containing T-T mismatch structure was introduced to bind with DNA probes immobilized onto the sensor surface. In(More)
PURPOSE Aerosol toxicology and drug delivery through the lungs, which depend on various parameters, require methods to quantify particle deposition. Intrapulmonary-administered MRI contrast agent combined with lung-specific imaging sequences has been proposed as a high performance technique for aerosol research. Here, aerosol deposition is assessed using(More)
A single paragraph of about 200 words maximum. For research articles; abstracts should give a pertinent overview of the work. We strongly encourage authors to use the following style of structured abstracts; but without headings: (1) BACKGROUND: Place the question addressed in a broad context and highlight the purpose of the study; (2) METHODS: Describe(More)
An improved Daugman iris recognition algorithm is provided in this paper, which embodies in two aspects: ➀ Improvement for iris localization and ➁ The improvement for both iris encoding and matching algorithms. In Step 1, the localization and shape of the pupil are roughly determined in iris image, which is used as prior knowledge to quickly locate the(More)
On the basis of sufficient understanding about the general situation of the Lu’an planning area, Anhui Province, this paper uses strengths weakness opportunity threats (SWOT) analysis to analyze the internal and external factors of the development of the planning area itself; then it analyzes the industrial cluster situation in the planning area, and uses(More)
This paper presents a new framework for seamless video Editing in the gradient domain. The spatio-temporal gradient fields of target videos are modified or mixed to generate a new gradient field, which is usually not integrable. We propose a 3D video integration algorithm, which finds a potential function, whose gradient field is closest to the resulting(More)
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