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At present, workflow management systems have not sufficiently dealt with the issues of time, involving time modelling at build-time and time management at run-time. They are lack of the ability to support the checking of temporal constraints at run-time. Although some approaches have been devised to tackle this problem, they are limited to a single workflow(More)
A workflow specification is a formal description of business processes in the real world. Its correctness is critical to the workflow execution and hence the realisation of business objectives. In addition to structural and temporal constraints, resource constraints are also implied in workflow specifications. Therefore, they should be analysed to ensure(More)
Objectives: Impairments in interpersonal relationships in depression present as irritability, pessimism, and withdrawal, and play an important role in the onset and maintenance of the disorder. However, we know little about the neurological causes of this impaired interpersonal function. This study used the event-related brain potential (ERP) version of the(More)
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