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Conventional paper-based scientific publications are limited in the amount of data and interaction they can provide. Simply placing an electronic copy of such a publication on the web makes for easier distribution, but more can be achieved by making use of the technology to navigate through the paper, to show the links between calculated parameters and the(More)
We report on one aspect of our research into text-free, speech recognition-free lip synchronization (lip-sync). By lip-sync we mean inputting freely spoken speech and outputting parameters for animating a mouth, which can then be synchronized with the input speech. We first describe a " pitch tracker " that we find helps to expedite the identification of(More)
Using the eigenvalue definition of binomial states we construct new intermediate number-coherent states which reduce to number and coherent states in two different limits. We reveal the connection of these intermediate states with photon-added coherent states and investigate their non-classical properties and quasi-probability distributions in detail. It is(More)
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