Hongchang Chen

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The essence of visual tracking is to distinguish the target from background, so how to describe the difference between target and background is a key problem. In this paper, tracking algorithm by color distribution fields with adaptive hierarchical structure is presented to solve this problem. First, multichannel color distribution fields are presented for(More)
Characterizing network traffic with higher-dimensional features results in increased complexity of most detectors and classifiers for identifying traffic anomalies. Several key observations from existing studies confirm that network anomalies are typically distributed in a sparse way, with each anomaly essentially characterized by its lower-dimensional(More)
—Distributed control plane is a promising approach to a scalable software-defined networking (SDN). However, traffic changes could incur load imbalance among individual controllers. Live migration of switches from controllers that are overloaded to those that are underutilized may be a solution to handle peak switch traffic using available control resource.(More)
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