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SPA linking number connects the measure functions of the various aspects of a certain study object. By taking full advantage of the information provided by SPA linking numbers on which it's based, system tendency sequencing could be used to replace the Max-Min Algorithm in fuzzy comprehensive evaluation to avoid information loss caused by the algorithm,(More)
The influence of organic loading rate (OLR) on the performance of hydrolytic acidification process for treating 2-butenal manufacture wastewater was comprehensively studied, while its impact on microbial community was thoroughly investigated. The results demonstrated that over 21.0% of the average COD removal rate was observed in the range of OLR from 0.52(More)
A hydrolysis acidification (HA)-anoxic-oxic (A/O) process was adopted to treat a petrochemical wastewater. The operation optimization was carried out firstly by a bench scale experimental reactor. Then a full scale petrochemical wastewater treatment plant (PCWWTP, 6500 m(3) h(-1)) was operated with the same parameters. The results showed that the BOD5/COD(More)
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