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Activity monitoring in home environments has become increasingly important and has the potential to support a broad array of applications including elder care, well-being management, and latchkey child safety. Traditional approaches involve wearable sensors and specialized hardware installations. This paper presents device-free location-oriented activity(More)
Highly accurate indoor localization of smartphones is critical to enable novel location based features for users and businesses. In this paper, we first conduct an empirical investigation of the suitability of WiFi localization for this purpose. We find that although reasonable accuracy can be achieved, significant errors (e.g., $6\sim8m$) always exist. The(More)
This paper describes the Scalable Simulation Framework (SSF), a discrete event modeling API designed for the construction and simulation of very large networks. SSF can execute detailed simulations of complex topology networks with a million or more concurrent TCP/IP ows. We describe the overall architecture of SSF, the architecture of the network modeling(More)
Securing wireless communication remains challenging in dynamic mobile environments due to the shared nature of wireless medium and lacking of fixed key management infrastructures. Generating secret keys using physical layer information thus has drawn much attention to complement traditional cryptographic-based methods. Although recent work has demonstrated(More)
Although allelic diversity of genes has been reported to play important roles in different physiological processes, information on allelic diversity of defense-responsive genes in host-pathogen interactions is limited. Here, we report that a pair of allelic genes, OsWRKY45-1 and OsWRKY45-2, which encode proteins with a 10-amino acid difference, play(More)
This paper utilizes smartphone sensing of vehicle dynamics to determine driver phone use, which can facilitate many traffic safety applications. Our system uses embedded sensors in smartphones, i.e., accelerometers and gyroscopes, to capture differences in centripetal acceleration due to vehicle dynamics. These differences combined with angular speed can(More)
Wireless communication is susceptible to radio interference and jamming attacks, which prevent the reception of communications. Most existing anti-jamming work does not consider the location information of radio interferers and jammers. However, this information can provide important insights for networks to manage its resource and to defend against radio(More)
Securing communication in mobile wireless networks is challenging because the traditional cryptographic-based methods are not always applicable in dynamic mobile wireless environments. Using physical layer information of radio channel to generate keys secretly among wireless devices has been proposed as an alternative in wireless mobile networks. And the(More)
Breeding crops with the quality of broad-spectrum disease resistance using genetic resources is one of the principal goals of crop improvement. However, the molecular mechanism of broad-spectrum resistance remains largely unknown. Here, we show that GH3-2, encoding an indole-3-acetic acid (IAA)-amido synthetase, mediates a broad-spectrum resistance to(More)