Hongbing Huang

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Insects build architecturally complex nests and search for remote food by collaboration work despite their limited sensors, minimal individual intelligence and the lack of a central control system. Insets’ collaborations emerge as a response of the individual insects to Stigmergy. A sign-based model of Stigmergy to discuss collaboration is proposed(More)
Stigmergy is widely used in MAS. However, its specific meaning has not been fully developed yet; it varies from different view. In this paper, we picked up ldquosignrdquo as a key notion to understand it. Sign is given by agents, represented by environment, and sensed by others. Therefore, sign is the link of all the components in a stigmergic MAS. Based on(More)
A complex adaptive system is a complex, self-similar collection of interacting adaptive agents. The designing and creating of agent is important and intricate because complex adaptive system consists of a large number of agents which may divide into diversity types. The specification of agent in complex adaptive system using software architecture(More)
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