Hongbing Cheng

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In recent years, the security issues of the cognitive radio (CR) networks have drawn a lot of research attentions. Primary user emulation attack (PUEA), as one of common attacks, compromises the spectrum sensing, where a malicious user forestalls vacant channels by impersonating the primary user to prevent other secondary users from accessing the idle(More)
The human papillomavirus was detected in cervicovaginal cells by the polymerase chain reaction in 14 of 37 (37.8 %) patients attending a sexually transmitted disease (STD) clinic and in 6 of 43 healthy young women (14.0 %) undergoing routine gynecologic examinations who served as controls. The results indicated that even the more malignant types of human(More)
This paper proposes to use a cognitive-relay technique to mitigate intercell interference (ICI) in cellular systems. In the proposed system, several relay stations (RSs) that are equipped with cognitive radio are deployed near the cell boundary. The base station (BS) and the RS in each cell operate in the same spectrum band as primary and secondary(More)
With the requirement of average end-to-end bit error rate (BER) performance, we study power-adaptation problems for multihop ad hoc networks to minimize the power consumption in fading channels, considering two scenarios with regard to the knowledge of the channel-state information (CSI). One is that the transmitter for each hop knows the instantaneous CSI(More)
It is a challenge to find out suitable cryptography for wireless sensor networks (WSN) due to limitations of power, computation capability and storage resources. Many schemes based on public or symmetric key cryptography are investigated. We propose an identity-based broadcast encryption scheme, which can be used for key distribution or directly(More)
Due to limitations of power, computation capability and storage resources' wireless sensor networks are vulnerable to many attacks. The paper proposed a novel routing protocol algorithm for Wireless sensor network. The proposed routing protocol algorithm can adopt suitable routing technology for the nodes according to distance of nodes to the base station,(More)
For investigating the static tensile and dynamic fatigue behaviors of bulk materials, a miniaturized device with separate modular tensile and fatigue actuators was developed. The fatigue actuator presented good compatibility with the tensile actuator and mainly consisted of a special flexure hinge and piezoelectric stack. In situ fatigue tests under(More)
The Cloud is increasingly being used to store and process big data, and conventional security mechanisms using encryption are either not sufficiently efficient or not suited to the task of protecting big data in the Cloud. In this paper we present an alternative approach which divides big data among multiple Cloud providers, and instead of protecting the(More)