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It is commonly recognized that today's Internet routing and addressing system is facing serious scaling problems, which are mainly caused by the overloading of IP address semantics. That is, an IP address represents not only the location but also the identity of a host. To address this problem, several recent schemes propose to replace the IP namespace in(More)
We previously identified and characterized a novel p53-regulated gene in mouse prostate cancer cells that was homologous to a human gene that had been identified in brain cancers and termed RTVP-1 or GLIPR. In this report, we document that the human RTVP-1 gene is also regulated by p53 and induces apoptosis in human prostate cancer cell lines. We show that(More)
The current Internet was originally designed for ''fixed " terminals and can hardly support mobility. It is necessary to develop new mobility management schemes for the future Internet. This paper proposes an Identifiers Separating and Mapping Scheme (ISMS), which is a candidate for the future Internet mobility management, and discusses the basic principles(More)
Segment protection has been recognized as an efficient way to avoid “traps” in survivable WDM mesh network. In this article, we present some insights on this kind of protection. We first prove the correctness of segment protection used for avoiding traps. We then investigate the effect of the number of segments on the blocking performance in several typical(More)
Vertical handover refers to the process that the interface connecting to wireless network changes across heterogeneous networks. The delay caused by vertical handover affects the quality of the ongoing applications, especially the real-time applications like VoIP. Authentication and security association is one of the major components of delay during(More)
The nuclear protein I2(PP2A)/SET, an endogenous inhibitor of protein phosphatase-2A (PP2A), is increased and translocated to the cytoplasm in the neurons of Alzheimer's disease (AD) brains, and PP2A activity in cytoplasm is compromised. However, it is not fully understood how SET is retained in the cytoplasm. By generating a phosphorylation site-specific(More)
As part of our ongoing surveillance program, 40 field strains of avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) were isolated from dead or diseased chicken flocks in different areas of China between 2009 and 2010. S1 glycoprotein genes of these strains were sequenced and analyzed with 38 strains published in GenBank. S1 genes of these isolated strains and the(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes is associated with increased risk of a spectrum of cancers, but there are few meta-analyses on the association between diabetes and kidney cancer. We performed a meta-analysis of case-control studies and cohort studies to address the incidence and mortality of kidney cancer in diabetes. METHODS Studies were identified by searching(More)
In this article, we describe an information-centric Internet architecture called CoLoR that couples service location and inter-domain routing while decoupling them from forwarding. Preliminary results based on implementation and analysis show that CoLoR is promising since it satisfies many requirements of the future Internet, including being(More)