Hongbin Liang

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Three new species of genus Chlaenius Bonelli subgenus Lithochlaenius Kryzhanovskij are described from China: Chlaenius chuanqianensis Liu & Liang, sp. n. (type locality: Xishui, Guizhou Province), Chlaenius linwensini Liu & Liang, sp. n. (type locality: Fujian Province), and Chlaenius propeagilis Liu & Kavanaugh, sp. n. (type locality: Gaoligongshan, Yunnan(More)
—Mobile cloud computing is a promising technique that shifts the data and computing service modules from individual devices to a geographically distributed cloud service architecture. A general mobile cloud computing system is comprised of multiple cloud domains, and each domain manages a portion of the cloud system resources, such as the Central Processing(More)