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Three new species of genus Chlaenius Bonelli subgenus Lithochlaenius Kryzhanovskij are described from China: Chlaenius chuanqianensis Liu & Liang, sp. n. (type locality: Xishui, Guizhou Province), Chlaenius linwensini Liu & Liang, sp. n. (type locality: Fujian Province), and Chlaenius propeagilis Liu & Kavanaugh, sp. n. (type locality: Gaoligongshan, Yunnan(More)
—Mobile cloud computing is a promising technique that shifts the data and computing service modules from individual devices to a geographically distributed cloud service architecture. A general mobile cloud computing system is comprised of multiple cloud domains, and each domain manages a portion of the cloud system resources, such as the Central Processing(More)
—Mobile cloud is a machine-to-machine service model, where a mobile device can use the cloud for searching, data mining, and multimedia processing. To protect the processed data, are performed in the cloud. In general, we can classify cloud security services in two categories: Critical Security (CS) service and Normal Security (NS) service. CS service(More)
Exendin-4 (EX-4), a long-acting glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor (GLP-1R) agonist, regulates feeding behavior through its ability to inhibit gastric emptying. Ghrelin, a gastric hormone, provides a hunger signal to the central nervous system to stimulate appetite. Here, we report that EX-4 suppresses ghrelin production through the mTORC1-dependent(More)