Hongbin Hou

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Four kinds of silver ion-imprinted particles (Ag-IIPs) with different morphologies were prepared by the surface ion-imprinting technology (SIIT) and were used for the selective removal and concentration of silver ions from wastewater. The favorable adsorptivity and selectivity of Ag-IIPs for Ag(+) were confirmed by a series of adsorption experiments at a(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the serotype virulence genes and molecular typing characteristics of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus isolated from diarrhea samples among 2007 -2012. METHODS The serotype was detected by using serological agglutination test. Thermo-stable direct hemolysin (tdh) and tdh-related hemolysin (trh) were detected by using real time PCR methods.(More)
As compared to the traditional solid Janus particles, the hollow Janus particles have inspired growing interests due to their diverse potential applications. Herein, the novel hollow Janus particles with elephant trunk-like and acorn-like shapes were prepared by seed emulsion polymerization. In contrast to traditional template methods, the hollow structure(More)
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