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In this paper we conduct laboratory experiments to test the theory of strategic information transmission. Our experimental results strongly support the basic insight of the theory, namely, that less information is transmitted when preferences of the sender and the receiver diverge. Moreover, the average payoffs for the senders, the receivers, and the(More)
Over the past decades, numerous theories and studies have demonstrated that salient objects in different scenes often share some properties in common that make them visually stand out from their surroundings , and thus can be processed in finer details. In this paper, we propose a novel method for salient object detection that involves the transfer of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Currently radiofrequency and cryoballoon ablations are the two standard ablation systems used for catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation; however, there is no universal consensus on which ablation is the optimal choice. We therefore sought to undertake a meta-analysis with special emphases on comparing the efficacy and safety between cryoballoon(More)
This paper studies the improvement of speech recognition over Bluetooth#8482; wireless channels. Speech recognition over Bluetooth#8482; suffers from the low SNR due to the position of the Bluetooth#8482; microphone, Bluetooth#8482; codec distortion, packet loss over the wireless channel, and Bluetooth#8482; channel distortion. By transforming the MFCCs(More)
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