Hongbiao Liu

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Finding protein pathways in protein interaction network is a computationally intricate and tough work. In this paper we approach this problem with double direction enumeration method combined with the distance constraints, which greatly increases the speed of the algorithm. The application of the method on the known yeast MAPK pathways verifies our(More)
A new synthesis of γ-rubromycin is presented through a new oxidative, bisbenzannulated spiroketalization as a key step which is catalyzed by an in situ generated hypoiodite species, developed previously by our group. This key transformation has high efficiency and convenient conditions. This is a new and efficient catalytic application for organohypoiodine(More)
Protein domain-domain interaction pairs supply functional information about the interacting proteins; and finding interaction motif pairs in protein-protein interaction database can deeply disclose the essence of the protein interaction. Up to now, there is little research work on prediction of interaction motif pairs within domain-domain interaction pairs.(More)
Finding a maximal biclique in a graph is an NPC problem. We developed a new, efficient method to search maximal quasi-bicliques from protein interaction network. At first, we divided the protein- protein interaction network into vertex's distance-2-subgraphs. Next, combining top down and branch and bound methods, we sought quasi-biclique from every vertex's(More)
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