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The chain structure model of evolutionary game can intuitively describe and study the process of economic activities. For the issues of the co-operation stability of industry- university- institute cooperation and considering limited rationality and poor information in real-life, this paper established a grey symmetry evolutionary chain model of the(More)
Multiregional clinical trials provide the potential to make safe and effective medical products simultaneously available to patients globally. As regulatory decisions are always made in a local context, this poses huge regulatory challenges. In this article we propose two conditional decision rules that can be used for medical product approval by local(More)
The R&D of aviation complex products new technology is an important component to realize the strategy of building an innovative country, it plays a decisive role in improving national competitiveness, but because of the high risks in new technology research and development (R&D) of aviation complex products, the new technology of aviation complex(More)
Scientific research evaluation has an important guiding significance to university scientific research work. Based on conflict analysis model, it studies the strategies and preferences among the government, universities and scientists in the scientific research evaluation mechanism. It builds a conflict analysis model of three players and gives all possible(More)
Main manufacturer-supplier model is widely applied in the R&D procedure of complex products such as plane. Because of the uncertainty in the R&D, the effort of the suppliers has an important effect on it. During the procedure, there will generate a lot of inadequacy of information, grey number is an important tool for the estimation of pay-off(More)
Based on the production function of C-D, the calculation model measuring the contribution rate of education to enhance the core competence of a region was established, and the determination method of the parameters in the model was also defined. At last the contribution rate of different type of education in Jiangsu Province to the core competence of the(More)
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