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As XML has become the standard format for representing structured and semi-structured data on the Web, the methods for designing XML schemas is becoming more and more important. XML schemas represent the logical models of the documents. In order to design or integrate XML schemas, it is necessary to first design the conceptual structures with a proper(More)
Grid computing provides an environment to be share software and hardware resources. On the one hand, environment of Grid computing is inherently large, complex, heterogeneous and dynamic and its state changes over time, on the other hand, incoming job to Grid show unstable behavior, which before that is not known and changes over time. As regards that(More)
Entity Data Model (EDM) is a new conceptual model developed by Microsoft; it is a Platform-Independent and executable conceptual model. At present, EDM is mainly used for information integration, so Microsoft has developed the tools for transforming Platform Specific Models, such as Relational Data Model (RDM), to EDM. On other hand, EDM as a conceptual(More)
Multi-objective decision is a decision problem that to choose best alternatives or to order finite alternatives under the circumstances of multiple attributes and indicators. The original text analyzes and discusses multi-objective decision with influence diagram, which will supply a new method to multi-objective problem analysis and discussion.
The continuous improvement in the development in the field of communication networks and mobile computing, location based service (LBS) has become very popular in recent years. For outdoor positioning service the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are the earliest widely used modern systems. In GPS technology Satellite signals cannot penetrate in indoor(More)
Recently, there has been much focus on localization of mobile node using wireless local area network. Location information of a mobile node is used to provide different location based services to the user. Intruder identification and possible threat can be detected early if the physical location of the node is known beforehand. There are number of(More)
With the rapidly growing uses of World Wide Web for various important and sensitive purposes it becomes a sensible necessity to find out the interesting web access patterns from the web access sequences tracked by users frequently. Web access sequential patterns can be used to achieve business intelligence for e-commerce sites and also can be used to(More)
Discussion on the stability and tracking problem of the nonlinear systems and especially nonaffine nonlinear systems is presented in this paper. A neural-based adaptive controller is designed in the paper to solve the tracking control problems of some unknown nonlinear systems. Robustness of modeling error has been effectively improved under the action of(More)
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