HongTao Chen

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In vivo cross-linking studies suggest that the Drosophila transcription factor Bicoid (Bcd) binds to several thousand sites during early embryogenesis, but it is not clear how many of these binding events are functionally important. In contrast, reporter gene studies have identified >60 Bcd-dependent enhancers, all of which contain clusters of the consensus(More)
We design and fabricate a four-port optical router, which is composed of eight microring-resonator-based switching elements, four optical waveguides and six waveguide crossings. The extinction ratio is about 13 dB for the through port and larger than 30 dB for the drop port. The crosstalk of the measured optical links is less than -13 dB. The average tuning(More)
It is generally assumed that polymeric micelles, upon administration into the blood stream, carry drug molecules until they are taken up into cells followed by intracellular release. The current work revisits this conventional wisdom. The study using dual-labeled micelles containing fluorescently labeled copolymers and hydrophobic fluorescent probes(More)
The homeodomain (HD) protein Bicoid (Bcd) is thought to function as a gradient morphogen that positions boundaries of target genes via threshold-dependent activation mechanisms. Here, we analyze 66 Bcd-dependent regulatory elements and show that their boundaries are positioned primarily by repressive gradients that antagonize Bcd-mediated activation. A(More)
We propose and demonstrate a directed OR/NOR and AND/NAND logic circuit consisting of two parallel microring resonators (MRRs). We use two electrical signals representing the two operands of the logical operation to modulate the two MRRs through the thermo-optic effect, respectively. The final operation results are represented by the output optical signals.(More)
To explore the relationships between community composition and the environment in a reservoir ecosystem, plankton communities from the Three Gorges Reservoir Region were studied by PCR-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis fingerprinting. Bacterial and eukaryotic operational taxonomic units (OTUs), generated by DGGE analysis of the PCR-amplified 16S and(More)
Understanding the in vivo behavior of nanoparticles is critical for the translation of nanomedicine from laboratory research to clinical trials. In this work, in vivo Forster resonance energy transfer (FRET) imaging was employed to monitor the release of hydrophobic molecules from circulating poly(ethylene glycol)-poly( D, L-lactic acid) (PEG-PDLLA)(More)
Despite the widely accepted assumption that most endosomal compartments are acidic, evaluation of the efficiency of pH-dependent drug release from a ligand-targeted drug conjugate during receptor-mediated endocytosis is lacking. Therefore, we have characterized the kinetics of pH-dependent drug release from a model folate-drug conjugate during folate(More)
We experimentally demonstrate a spatially non-blocking five-port optical router, which is based on microring resonators tuned through the thermo-optic effect. The characteristics of the microring-resonator-based switching element are investigated to achieve balanced performances in its two output ports. The optical router is fabricated on the SOI platform(More)