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Mobile robots with remote control ability have great value in industry and security-monitoring field. Legged robot is preferred for mobile robot in virtual of its environment adaptability, locomotive robustness; moreover, bionic models could be easily found in the nature. In this paper, a semiautonomous sprawl legged robot with wireless remote control was(More)
In the integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing, in-situ end-point detection (EPD) is an important issue in the chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) process. In the paper, we chose the motor power signal of the polishing platen as the monitoring object. We then used the moving average method, which was appropriate for in-situ calculation process and made it(More)
With the theories of economy and ecology, this paper analyzed the main management patterns of economic fruit forest in the Dashan Village, Huoqiu County, Anhui Province. The results showed that 9-year-old mandarin-tea, 5-year-old persimmon-potato-watermelon, 7-year-old pear-potato-soybean, and 7-year-old pear-balloonflower had obvious social, economic and(More)
Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) is the most widely used planarization technique in semiconductor manufacturing presently. With the aid of in situ measurement technology, CMP tools can achieve good performance and stable productivity. However, the in situ measurement has remained unexplored from a kinematic standpoint. The available related resources(More)
By the method of fixed plots, the bamboo rhizome system structure and nutrient content in rhizome from mixed Sassafras tsumu and Phyllostachys pubescens, which were established in 1983-1984 by planting S. tsumu on new-planted bamboo forests (3-4 years old), were investigated. The results showed that the mixtures with rational density of S. tsumu were(More)
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