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OBJECTIVE States vary greatly in their support for home- and community-based services (HCBS) that are intended to help disabled seniors live in the community. This article examines how states' generosity in providing HCBS affects the risk of nursing home admission among older Americans and how family availability moderates such effects. METHODS We(More)
In this paper, we propose a fast MPI algorithm for Monte Carlo approximation PageRank vector of all the nodes in a graph, named Fast Fibonacci Series-Based Personal PageRank. In the latter paper we will call it FFSB algorithm for short. The basic ideal is very efficiently computing single random walks of a given length starting at each node in a graph. More(More)
—In order to visually reflect the pressure distribution characteristics and the flowing tracks of reservoir fluid in five-spot horizontal well pattern, this paper obtain the pressure distribution equation of transient flow in horizontal well pattern by means of the potential superposition principle, present the calculation method of seepage field(More)
Urban high-speed railway station will be a key position and a bottleneck of a integrative transportation system in a big city. As the basic unit of the High-speed railway passenger transportation, the management of station directly affects the whole railway passenger transportation system. The paper analyzes the characters of high-speed railway, such as(More)
  • HongJun Yin
  • 2009
It is immediately significant of study on optimal method of cargo flows distribution in large logistics park. It becomes more complicated when the transportation of resources and destinations are all random variables and the transportation is limited by path capacities. This paper sets up a mathematics model through analysis to the transportation mode in(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is a prevalent mental health disorder and the fourth leading cause of disability in the world as per the World Health Organization. Use of antidepressants can lead to adverse drug events (ADEs), defined as any injury resulting from medication use. This study aimed to examine changes in hospital admissions due to antidepressant-related(More)
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