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Ovarian cancer is one of the most lethal gynecologic neoplasms. Even though various new chemotherapeutics have been developed for the treatment of ovarian cancer, drug resistance and undesired serious side effects remain unavoidable obstacles for chemotherapeutic approaches. New strategies to overcome the therapeutic dilemma are needed. Claudin-3 (CLDN3) is(More)
MSCs-based therapy for cancer is a relatively new but rapidly growing area of research. Human term placenta, an attractive source of MSCs (PMSCs), appears to have great advantage due to its easy access without invasive procedures, its lack of ethical issues and its high-throughput and young age. In the present study, we isolated MSCs from placenta and(More)
The classical RSA is vulnerable to low private exponent attacks (LPEA) and has homomorphism. KMOV based on elliptic curve E n (a,b) over ℤ n can resist LPEA but still has homomorphism. QV over E n (a,b) not only can resist LPEA but also has no homomorphism. However, QV over E n (a,b) requires the existence of points whose order is M n = lcm{♯E p (a,b), ♯E q(More)
The unidirectional transmission technology is designed to protect the confidentiality of data on the high assurance network. It allows data to transmit only in one direction and prevents the use of acknowledgements or other connection-oriented mechanisms. This makes packet loss become a key issue in unidirectional transmission because of its influence on(More)
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