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Tuberculosis (TB) is a major health problem worldwide. A series of novel sansanmycin derivatives were designed, semi-synthesized and evaluated for their activity against drug-susceptible Mycobacterium tuberculosis strain H(37)Rv with sansanmycin A (SSA) as the lead. Among these analogs tested, compound 1d possessing an isopropyl group at the amino terminal(More)
Poloxamer F127, poloxamer F68 and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose K4M were used to prepare the thermosensitive in situ gel of boanmycin hydrochloride for injection. Its gelation temperature, rheological behavior, texture characteristics, scanning electron microscopy, in vitro and in vivo drug release were evaluated. These results showed that the formulation(More)
Animal models of osteoporosis lay the foundation of sophisticated studies on osteoporosis. This article reviews the currently most widely-used animal models of osteoporosis and their essential features, arriving at the conclusion that future studies of osteoporosis will be conducted more and more in large animals as ewes and gilts etc.
Manual therapy was adopted for treatment of 48 patients with frozen shoulder, under brachial plexus block through a tube that was not withdrawn until 1 to 2 weeks after the initiation of the treatment course. Satisfactory results were achieved in most of the patients after the treatment, indicating the safety and feasibility of brachial plexus block for(More)
BACKGROUND Boanmycin hydrochloride, a new antitumor agent, has a short half-life and fast clearance speed in vivo. The aim of this research was to investigate the effectiveness of peritumor injection of boanmycin hydrochloride within temperature-sensitive gel in situ using Hep-G2 hepatoma nude mice model. METHODS Nude mice with human Hep-G2 tumor in right(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the effect of Dogwood fruits on tonifying kidney-yang. METHOD The effect of the water extract of Dogwood fruits on rats model of kidney-yang deficiency with the hydrocortisone was observed. RESULT The water extract of Dogwood fruits could make normal the liver weight, and mitigate hepatocyte pathologic changes, increase the(More)
OBJECTIVE To study and improve the tissue culture technology of Panax notoginseng. METHOD Using the callus of leaf blade and leafstalk of P. notogingseng as explants, MS + 2, 4-D 1.5 mg x L(-1) as basal medium, the formation of asexual embryos was induced by added LFS, BA, KT or ZT 0.5 mg x L(-1), and cultured in dark. It cultured then in 2000 lx of(More)
This study is to evaluate the sustained-release effect of the thermosensitive in situ gel for injection of boanmycin hydrochloride (BAM) by bioluminescence imaging in nude mice. BAM was labeled with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC). The FITC-labeled BAM (FITC-BAM) was purified by dialysis and Sephadex G25 gel column, and then was identified by(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the effects of combined treatment with sansanmycin and macrolides on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and formation of biofilm. METHODS Micro-dilution method was used to determine the minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of sansanmycin, gentamycin, carbenicillin, polymyxin B, roxithromycin, piperacillin, and tazobactam. PA1 and PA27853(More)