Hong-yan Han

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OBJECTIVES This study aims to examine amplitude changes of low-frequency oscillations (fALFF) in the blood-oxygen level-dependent (BOLD) signal associated with acupuncture on NeiGuan (PC6). EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Ten (10) healthy adults participated in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (i.e., nuclear medicine; fMRI) study. During the brain-imaging(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the mechanism of acupoint thread embedding (ATE) in treating Alzheimer's disease (AD) by means of brain functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). METHODS Twenty-six patients with mild to moderate AD were assigned to the tested group and the control group in pairing, 13 in each group. ATE was performed in patients of the tested(More)
OBJECTIVE To localize the sensory motor cortex of human brain by analyzing the power change in Gamma band (> 60 Hz) of electrocorticography (ECoG) data. METHODS Eight patients with intractable epilepsy underwent temporary placement of subdural electrodes. After surgery, sensory evoked potential (SEP), electrocortical stimulation (CES) and event-related(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the therapeutic effect of catgut implantation and Deanxit for treatment of depression. METHODS Ninety-four cases of depression were randomly divided into a catgut implantation group (50 cases) and a medication group (44 cases). Catgut implantation group was applied with catgut implantation at Hanyan (GB 4), Baihui (GV 20), Shenmen (HT(More)
To make a distinction among the local response of body, the moxibustion sensation, its influence on the disease, adverse reaction and others during and after the moxibustion treatment, and explore the countermeasures to these reactions in order to guide the clinical practice. Of them, the responses of the body surface and local acupoints are usual one of(More)
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